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This orange pekoe grade Vietnam black tea is similar in both appearance and color to Chinese black teas. Unlike Chinese teas this Vietnam tea is much spicier. The spiciness is a result of the unique processing of the leaf. It achieves this spiciness in the oxidation and drying processes. Compare this tea to Sri Lankan black teas. Zoom in to the image above to see the orange pekoe grade black to brown leaves. This leaf steeps a mild aromatic brew.

Leaf:  Orange pekoe grade dark brown to black leaves

Body: Full

Aroma and Taste: Aromatic, mild

Intensity: Strong

Color:   Bronze colored


More Information About Vietnam Teas Generally

Vietnamese teas are produced in many areas that have been known for tea-house "retreats". For example some are, located amidst immense tea forests of the Lamdong highlands, where there is a community of ancient Ruong houses built at the end of the 18th century.

Vietnamese green teas have been largely unknown outside of mainland Asia until the present day. Recent free-enterprise initiatives are introducing these green teas to outside countries through new export activities.


  • Lotus tea is a specialty product of the Vietnamese tea industry. Generally, high-quality green tea leaves are placed within lotus flowers for a day to acquire the scent, then are removed and packaged. A higher grade of lotus tea is made with lotus petals mixed in with high quality green tea leaves. Green tea style of Vietnam is to roll the leaves gently into crescents, and minimal handling. Vietnamese green teas are typically very potent. They are best brewed for most tastes for under 2 minutes using water temperature of 160 degrees. Beyond this time the tea will acquire a bitter taste that is nevertheless fancied by many tea lovers, as it reflects the potency of the tea leaves. Some fanciers will brew 3-4 times from one set of leaves, preferring the narrower flavor range of the later brewings.
  • Jasmine tea is produced in two grades similar to lotus tea. Lotus tea is considered a specialty and is reserved for events or special meals. Jasmine tea is popular as a "chaser" for Vietnamese iced coffee, and is poured into the glass after the coffee is consumed, allowed to chill, and then enjoyed as a follow-up to the iced coffee in coffee shop cafes, particularly in the night life of major cities, where coffee shops are a popular social rendezvous on hot evenings.
  • Artichoke Tea

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Amount: 1 level tsp/6 oz serving; Temperature: 203-212⁰F; Time: 4-5 minutes
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