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Hi! Welcome to Mahamosa! We are a growing American tea, spice and herb retailer based in Atlanta, Georgia. We bring our customers high quality teas, spices, herbs and gifts and wares from around the world, sourcing our products directly from the most experienced and recognized tea sources, including, but not limited to, independent estates, farms, importers and blenders. Our name is fancifully derived from the Sanskrit term "MAHA" which means "Great", and "MOSA" from "Formosa" the former name of Taiwan, which is often used in the tea industry. We aim to give our customers a top-notch browsing experience. Exploring our site you will learn about the diversity of teas, spices and herbs throughout the world in full detail. Finally, you can shop securely on our site as our site is both Norton and McAffee Secure.

Being in the World(R) Mission

The essence of our company is captured in the name of our charitable mission, “Being in the World”. Being in the World is our charitable brand and an expression of our business model and philosophy. We chose this phrase because it encapsulates not only our individual corporate existence but also expresses that we are connected to, continuous with, and inseparable from the world around us. Our company explores, thinks about, appreciates and embraces international diversity and culture. We connect with and help people connect and be in the world. We aim to commercialize and popularize our product offering through a clean, healthy and unique retail and e-commerce experience. We are customer-centric, economically efficient, technologically proficient, environmentally sensible, ethical and fair, open-minded, progressive, international/global in outlook, and respectful of human dignity, life and spirituality everywhere.

Through Being in the World we aim to prove that businesses can successfully compete while contributing a significant percentage of net profits to worthy charitable causes. We view our company as a “For ‘Non-Profit’” (versus a “For Profit” or a “Non-Profit”), with a mission not only to operate profitably, but also to contribute fifty percent (50%) of our annual net profits after taxes to worthy non-profit organizations and causes. We chose fifty percent (50%) to balance both the for-profit and not-for profit incentive. Our business is an experiment in socially and environmentally responsible capitalism. We believe people, including consumers, are motivated not solely by individual concerns but also by social and worldly concerns or causes beyond the individual self. Taking this conviction to the retailing world, we believe consumers inform their purchasing decisions not only by cost but also a true concern for the world around them, their environs, and their cause of existence.

Your Support

We ask you to purchase our goods and services to help us prove that sensible capitalism with higher motivation can succeed in the face of rigid and fierce competitive forces. To help our business experiment succeed please help us connect with others by spreading the word to your friends using any and all social media outlets, including, but not limited to, Facebook and Twitter. We challenge other businesses, in our industry and others, to establish and meet much higher and stricter business standards and goals for social and environmental responsibility.

Thank you for Being in the World(R)!

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Being in the World®

Mahamosa contributes 50% of its annual net profits after taxes to support charitable causes including hunger, poverty, education, environment, clean water, animal/natural life welfare and other causes.

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