Environmental Practices

Mahamosa strives to be as environmentally sensitive as reasonably possible taking all factors, including cost, into consideration. Our business is built on a sound and sensitive environmental platform.  We pledge to be accountable to ourselves and our customers with respect to the environmental consequences of our business practices.

On this webpage we list and update specific environmental practices with respect to our company’s operations. We endeavor to give credit to the producers and promoters of environmentally-friendly products. Finally, we encourage and challenge other companies to be as transparent with respect to environmental practices in their daily operations.

Cardboard Packaging Boxes: We deliver most orders using 100% Post Consumer Waste boxes produced by Salazar Packaging.


Business Cards: We use 100% Post Consumer Waste (“PCW") carbon neutral business cards produced by Dolphinblue.com. The cards are printed in soy ink and processed chorine free. They are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and Green Seal certified.

Paper: We use 30% recycled envirocopy standard white paper produced by Office Depot.

Paper Usage: We reuse the second side of paper that has been used only one side.

Hanging folders: We use 100% hanging recycled folders comprised of 100% recycled fibers, 95% of which is post-consumer waste material, produced by Office Depot.

Folders: We use 100% Recycled Stock, 30% Post-Consumer Recycled Content manila folders by Smead.

Recycling: We reuse, when possible, and recycle all cardboard boxes.

Voidfill: We use natural Kraft paper for voidfill.

Packaging: We use tea and spice packaging comprised of natural Kraft paper. For cost considerations we currently must use adhesive labels on our packaging. As we achieve economies of scale, we aim to print information directly on the bags.

Tins: Our branded tins are durable and reusable by customers. We encourage re-use and recycling of the same. You may find and purchase these tins under our Gift and Wares tab under the main navigation.

As business advocates for a better environment, we encourage our customers to consider the environment in their next vehicle purchase by strongly considering purchasing an electric vehicle alternative to the traditional environmentally unfriendly gas-combustible engine vehicle. We believe moving toward an electric transportation future will improve the environment for all.

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Mahamosa contributes 50% of its annual net profits after taxes to support charitable causes including hunger, poverty, education, environment, clean water, animal/natural life welfare and other causes.

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