Earl Grey De La Cream

Earl Grey De La Cream


Earl Grey De La Cream

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About This Tea: A delicious earl grey black tea blend with an underlying hint of vanilla! Wake up to this smooth and aromatic blend on a brisk winter morning or afternoon. If you love earl grey, drink this any time of year! Upon unsealing the pouch you will smell the traditional earl grey scent of bergamot. The vanilla flavor is very slight. The cornflowers add a very small bit of floral element. This full-leaf black tea can be steeped with any regular steeping device. Once steeped, the tea has the traditional earl grey flavor that combines well with the vanilla undertone. As a black tea it is caffeinated and will keep you alert. It is best drunk during the day and not at night. You might consider adding vegan or non-vegan milks if you like a milky earl grey blend. Consider adding sugar for sweetness, but it is not at all necessary because the earl grey stands strong by itself. This tea, as sold, is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free. If you like a smooth tasting earl grey, not too strong, this tea is just for you!

Ingredients: Whole leaf black tea, cornflowers and vanilla and bergamot flavors.

Steeping Instructions*: Amount: 1 level tsp/6 oz serving; Temperature: 203-212⁰F; Time: ~4-5 minutes. *Please note that our tea instructions are suggestions. You will need to steep the tea for more or less time according to your own preferences!

Leaf Quality: Thin full leaves of small to medium length.

Origin: Mixed origin/blend

Caffeine Level: High caffeine

Hot or Iced: Best steeped as a hot tea. To make it iced, steep twice the recommended amount and add ice.

Sweetener: Add your favorite sweetener, but remember 1 tsp of sugar equates to about 16 calories. We prefer raw sugar, but regular sugar will do just as well. There are many alternatives including agave nectar, honey, and stevia to name but a few.

Calories: Zero to little calories unless a sweetener is added. Tea is a great substitute for sugary drinks and beverages!

Packaging: Packed in a heat-sealed resealable FDA-approved pouch

Size Selection: 0.5 oz= ~4-6 cups; 2 oz= 20-25 cups; 4 oz= 40-50 cups; 8 oz= 80-100 cups

Mixed origin/blend
Time: 4-5 minutes; Temperature: 203-212⁰F; 1 level tsp./6 oz serving
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