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Mahamosa is about “Being in the World”. We explore, think about, appreciate and embrace internationalism/globalism, diversity, and multiculturalism. We aim to connect with and help people connect and be in the world. We aim to commercialize and popularize our product offering through a clean, healthy and unique retail and e-commerce experience. We strive to be customer-centric, economically efficient, technologically proficient, environmentally sensible, ethical and fair, open-minded, progressive, international/global in outlook, and respectful of human dignity, life and spirituality everywhere.

Please contact us about your Mahamosa shopping experience, ideas, suggestions, comments, questions, and criticisms. We will do our best to respond to you in a timely and quality manner.


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Mahamosa, LLC
P.O. Box 12372
Atlanta, GA 30355

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Being in the World®

Mahamosa contributes 50% of its annual net profits after taxes to support charitable causes including hunger, poverty, education, environment, clean water, animal/natural life welfare and other causes.

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