Singbulli S.F. Oolong

Singbulli S.F. Oolong


Singbulli S.F. Oolong

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This top-notch Darjeeling tea is extremely rare and hails from one of the best tea estates in Darjeeling. The leaves for this tea come from Chinese trees and are carefully plucked in very small quantities and processed in a very special manner. The shiny, bronze-colored infusion, the very flowery flavor and its extremely mild, fully aromatic taste impart an unmistakable character to this tea and treat fastidious tea connoisseurs to a real pleasure. The large, open oolong leaf with many lightly different wood colors and the longish silvery tips leave no wishes unfulfilled. Many, if not most, darjeelings lie on the border of black and oolong classifications, and this tea has been placed in the oolong category.

Leaf:  Large open oolong leaf with a variey of lightly colored wood colors and long silvery tips with an abundance of golden tips

Body: Full bodied

Aroma and Taste: Flowery, mild and aromatic

Intensity: Medium

Color:   Shiny and bronze-colored

From the Singbulli Tea Estate in the Darjeeling region of India. This garden was established by British planters and the factory was established in the year 1924. Jay Shree Tea & Industries Limited has owned this tea garden since 2003. Singbulli Tea Estate produces Darjeeling orthodox black tea, green tea and specialty teas. This tea estate is world famous for clonal tea, muscatel tea, first flush tea, second flush tea and autumn tea. The total quality clone area is 75 hectares. The Singbulli Tea Estate has 4 divisions, the 1)Singbulli Division, 2)Manja Division, 3)Tingling Division and 4)Murmah Division. Altitude of the garden varies from 1200- 4100 ft from mean sea level. The garden is spread across 9 hills, road distance from one end of the garden to last end is 22 kms. The garden has 1326 permanent workers and staff. The Singbulli Tea Estate is certified DUTCH HACCP by SGS. Singbulli Tea Estate & Factory is certified Organic in conversion Year 2, by IMO Control. The garden has applied for Fairtrade certification which is expected shortly. Special features: For many years, his tea garden has paid particular attention to ecological and bio-diversity issues with respect to plantation maintenance. and maintaining bio-diversity. Management has taken various steps for soil conservation and environmental protection, including planting different type of annual grasses, leguminous crop, short height shrubs and tall trees in fallow land, along boundaries of garden sections and in vacant patches. The garden has undertaken massive infilling and development work and a program of vegetative composting & vermi-compost plants.
Amount: 1 level tsp/6 oz serving; Temperature: 203-212⁰F; Time: 4-5 minutes
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