Halmari TGFOP1

Halmari TGFOP1


Halmari TGFOP1

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This reknown Assam tea leaf has an abundance of golden tips. It steeps a malty, sweet and rich cup.   Zoom in to the image above to see the slender dark leaves and their golden tips interspersed througout.  This Assam is tippy, strong and sweet and is refreshing and invigorating tea.  Indulge yourself with this special leaf.

Leaf:  Full leaf with golden tips

Body: Full-bodied

Aroma and Taste: Sweet

Intensity: Rich and strong

Color:  Amber

From the Halmari Tea Estate located in the Upper Assam region of India. With a legacy of 85 years of experience, expertise and an equally strong pursuit of quality, the Halmari Tea Estate is a top ranking Assam tea plantation. It is owned by Amarawati Tea Company Ltd. The Halmari Tea Estate holds itself to a very high standard in tea processing and is known worldwide for the quality of its teas. It is comprised of 374 hectares of rich loamy soil suited to produce very high quality teas from pedigree clones such as TV-1, S3A3 and P126A, Teenali 17/1/54, T3E3. Halmari specializes in orthodox teas. Superior leaf from top quality orthodox clones is used to produce exotic tea blends. Technology and human expertise results in delicate precise handling and processing of tea leaves to produce the finest grades of orthodox tea, of consistent flavor, lot after lot. Halmari's tips are an indication of high quality and remarkable flavor, as these are the pluckings of the young shoots of the year. Halmari teas are typically rich and full-bodied.
Amount: 1 level tsp/6 oz serving; Temperature: 203-212⁰F; Time: 4-5 minutes
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