Tamaro Yokucha

Tamaro Yokucha


Tamaro Yokucha

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Our Tamaro Yokucha is a wonderful Japanese green tea with traditional style manufacturing.

Additional Information:

Tamaryokucha (玉緑茶) is a fine Japanese green tea that has a tangy, berry-like taste, with a long almondy aftertaste and a deep aroma with tones of citrus, grass, and berries.

It can be processed in one of two ways to destroy the enzymes: pan fried, or steamed. Many believe that steaming preserves the vitamins and antioxidants better than pan-frying. The taste varies between the two as well. The pan-fried version has more of an aroma of cooked vegetables.

It is produced in the Kyūshū area. The tea is golden yellow and it should be steeped at 70°C for about 2 minutes. The caffeine level is normal for green tea and it can be drunk throughout the day. It can be reinfused, with a slightly different taste.

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Time: 2-3 minutes; Temperature: 176-194⁰F; 1 heaped tsp./6 oz serving
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