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Jun Chiyabari

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This very high grade produced by an outstanding tea estate in Nepa. Both tea leaves and infusion have an intense scent of hay flowers, a complex, freshly aromatic, and slightly earthy character with a delicately sweet spiciness. Zoom in to the image above to see the beautiful leaves comprised of brown leaves with an abundance of silver tips. This is an exquisite rare treat for the adventurous tea lover.

Leaf:  Highest of grades, dark brown leaves with an abundance of silver tips

Body: Full

Aroma and Taste: Complex, hay flowers, freshly aromatic, slightly earthy, delicate sweet spiciness

Intensity: Strong

Color:   Bronze colored

The Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate is located in the eastern Himalayan region of Nepal, in the hills around Hile in Dhankuta district. The garden falls within an elevation of 1600 - 2000 meters above mean sea level. This area is about 200 km east from Kathmandu; 55 km west of Ilam in Nepal and 65 km west of Darjeeling, India.The garden is quite small compared to the gardens in countries like India and Sri Lanka. Total area is only 75 hectares out of which 50 hectares is planted. The planting was started in mid 2002 only so the tea plants are quite young. Very few tea gardens in the region have the type of tea plants as that of Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate. This diversity combined with tea mastery, soil and climate, gives our teas a special character. To learn more about the Jun Chiyabari Tea Estate visit the following link: http://www.junchiyabari.com/about_junachiyabari01.php.
Amount: 1 level tsp/6 oz serving; Temperature: 203-212⁰F; Time: 4-5 minutes
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